On June 9th, 2017, Brad Butcher will release the first single WELL DRESSED MAN from his most anticipated album to date titled, FROM THE BOTTOM OF A WELL.

So to celebrate the single release Butcher will launch the single and kick start the WELL DRESSED MAN TOUR back in his home town of MACKAY on the day of the release, June 9th, performing SOLO & ACOUSTIC before embarking on a southern states tour of Australia (New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania) throughout June and July of 2017.

Alongside him will be the hottest rising country music duo in Australia “The Weeping Willows” on the back of their most recent release “WHEN DARKNESS COMES A’CALLING” and who were nominated for 4 Golden Guitars at this years CMAA Awards held in Tamworth, NSW, last January.

Recorded with highly acclaimed and multi award winning Australian producer Matt Fell, in Sydney’s Love Hz Studio, WELL DRESSED MAN is a reflection on the harsh realities of life and the unwavering honesty and clarity that comes with age, hindsight and a life well lived. WELL DRESSED MAN pays homage to Butchers grandfather and in particular shares the wisdom he imparted on him when he sings ” I’m better off being happy than a WELL DRESSED MAN.” It also showcases the further development and outstanding quality of Butchers songwriting and vocal prowess.

“I always look forward to hearing a new Brad Butcher album – knowing he will be moving forward musically and lyrically – it won’t be the same as the last – that’s what a true artist does – is faithful to their creative spirit and vision – and by so doing they carve out a place in the market that is theirs and theirs alone. Well Dressed Man is pure Brad Butcher and it ticks all the above boxes for me – so I’m eagerly anticipating the rest of the Album” ~ Graeme Connors

FROM THE BOTTOM OF A WELL is set for release on August 4th 2017.

Visit www.bradbutcher.com for more tour details and/or ticketing information.